Learn French, for 1 hour per day, at a reduced price for the duration of the coronavirus confinement period.





At Méditerranez-vous, our activities are based on the principle that French is not only learned in the classroom: it is also (and above all) learned by meeting and exchanging with other people.

All our French courses aim to teach you how to speak French and how to use the language in real-life contexts.

Here, your teacher is your cultural mediator. They will help you to meet French people at home, at work, in their natural environment. You will learn real French, the French that is actually spoken!

You will discover authentic French culture and society, inaccessible to tourists.

In short, you will enjoy an unforgettable linguistic and cultural immersion experience. 

I have created a complete linguistic environment for you to enjoy a unique experience of complete immersion in French language, culture and society.

Sophie Véricel

Choose your French course according to your needs and desires.


French immersion courses teach you to speak French in real-life situations. Accompanied by your teacher, you will be fully immersed in French language and culture.

In the Intensive French courses, you do a lot of speaking and a little writing. You learn the grammar and vocabulary needed to be able to quickly learn to speak French in everyday situations.

Focused on speaking practice and theatre-inspired exercises, you will discover that learning a foreign language is also a tool for personal development!


Practice your French every day thanks to this online French group course. With this group French course, you progress throughout the week with other French learners.

You’ll benefit from having a teacher « at home » for 1 hour per day in a virtual classroom.

Our online courses are fully customised and vary completely from person to person. So if you want to practise French with a teacher who will correct and guide you, this course is for you!


Based on the professional needs of interpreters, these courses allow you to add French as a B or C language to your working languages, but also to improve your linguistic performance as an interpreter.

Are you a French teacher in your country? Do you teach children, teenagers or adults and do you need a little linguistic and cultural immersion?
This course is made for you!

These courses are eligible for funding from the Erasmus+ programme.

Are none of the courses offered suitable for you? Do you have a specific request for an individual course? Méditerranez-vous can adapt to all your needs!

Get in touch with us to explain your needs


Montpellier is a comfortable-sized city where you can get around everywhere on foot.

There are lively café terraces, charming medieval side streets full of little boutiques, all kinds of cultural festivals (music, theatre, dance), and free lectures on all manner of subjects. The possibilities are numerous and varied.

Taking a French course in Montpellier is therefore the perfect opportunity to improve your French and enjoy the delights of the South of France. A University city, a multicultural city, a gay-friendly city, Montpellier welcomes you under its glorious sun (300 days of sunshine per year).

It was a wonderful experience...We were really immersed in the language but also in French culture, because learning a language is not only about knowing the words and expressions but also about understanding the culture and history of a country.

Madeline (Romania)

Designed as an integral part of your language holiday, homestay accommodation in Montpellier is an excellent complement to your course. It is an original way to prolong your immersion in French culture and to continue to practice after your lessons.

I have personally chosen the hosts who will welcome you based on their desire to share an experience with foreign visitors.

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